Where does Coaching end? Where does Psychotherapy begin?


In my experience, the limits of Coaching are reached when great strain, disheartenment, desperation, doubt, perplexity and helplessness manifest themselves in physical symptoms and emotional suffering. This is where Psychotherapy gets to work. When you no longer know what to do, when life no longer offers you pleasure, when conflict occurs so frequently that communication no longer appears possible – allow yourself to seek help!


Difficult circumstances, setbacks, loss, change, sadness and pain are facts of life. Happiness is not found in their avoidance- rather in dealing with them successfully. If something's not working, it can be changed. However, in order to change, you may need to understand the root cause of what's not working and what makes you unhappy.


I listen, I make you aware, I help to explain and you to understand, confront, question, observe and reflect... I use my knowledge and experience to help you on your way towards 'new life energy' and greater inner strength and power. The responsibility for yourself lies with you! Claim back your happiness!


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